The Best Sales, Marketing, And Mindset Advice For IT Companies Who Aren't Afraid Of Success, Money, Or Growth.
   We aren't afraid of SUCCESS
   We value our time and our expertise. We have no problem being paid accordingly for the value we bring to the lives of our clients and our community.  
   There is no single expert or single authority on ANY subject. There is no single right way to do anything. We want to receive guidance in best practices, but grace to make them fit our business and our personality. 
   We believe in continuous improvement and never giving up.
Is This You?
   You're tired of rehashed, boring content that is difficult to apply to your business
   You want new business-building ideas to help your business grow
   You’re afraid that YOU might be the bottleneck in your business, and you need real world business concepts that will help you become a  better version of you
   You wish you could find out-of-the-IT-box strategies to transform your company's sales and marketing efforts
   You struggle to implement what your coach or expert tells you to do
   You need someone you can relate to, that you can trust to give you success principles (and the needed dose of tough love)
Marketing doesn’t get you new clients. Marketing creates awareness of your
company and how you can serve the world.
Sales is NOT a bad thing. Just like marketing drives awareness, sales (and the sales
process) opens the door to more small businesses being served by you. Sales is a vital part of you  impacting the world and achieving your dreams.
As important as sales and marketing is for business success, MINDSET is critical for a
IT professional. You must have an abundance-oriented mindset, so you can best serve your community
and grow your business.
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